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Halftime Shows

Offering professional canine entertainment at Halftime!

   Our wildly popular Frisbee dog halftime performance features 2-3 different looking, high energy, and enthusiastic Frisbee dogs! Each dog and trainer team will do a 2-2.5  minute performance to music, including crowd engaging tricks, high flying Frisbee catching, and all around fun for the whole family.


Each halftime performance can be modified to meet the needs of the marketing team and the allotted time frame for the performance.


Our Dogs love to perform just as much as we do and our energy and  enthusiasm is contagious! Each Show will be sure to keep your fans fired up for the second half!

What sets us apart?

We never over book shows. In our opinion, quality is more important than quantity. Meaning, you will always get Nikki and/or John on the court for your halftime entertainment. We make it our goal to keep the quality of our show consistent and top notch.

With over 20 years experience, we have done NBA, NFL, NCAA, MiLB, Rodeos,

Soccer games and more.


Our dogs wear specially designed boots for traction on hard flooring that won't leave marks on the floor. 


Stevens - UC - 12-9-23-2020x_edited.jpg
Xavier 2023-24.jpg
Basketball Game

Xavier University

"We only bring in the best and you're the only frisbee dogs we'll bring in"


Chicago Bulls NBA

"We want you back next season!"


Purdue University

"You both did a great job, and the crowd was incredibly engaged!"

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