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Professional Performers 

Nikki Penta & her dog "Phobia"

Nikki Penta


John Casey

John and Nikki are the owners and performers of Ready Go Dog Show.

This dynamic duo and their world class pack of pups have been performing Frisbee Dog shows all over the country for over 20 years! They specialize in providing world class canine entertainment at almost any event. 

John and Nikki are passionate about pet rescue and pet adoption, bringing awareness to the general public during every show. The dogs in the show are their personal pets, most of which have been given a second chance through rescue. In Nikki and John's life, the dogs always come first, and giving them an outlet for the excess energy that put them in rescue, brings these two so much joy. 


These dogs aren't robots that do tricks for treats, they do what they do because they love what they do!

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